Placenta abruption At 35 weeks

This was my second pregnancy, my first had no issues, born naturally and no pre eclampsia. Up until 34 weeks I had a healthy pregnancy with no issues what so ever.. 34+6 (thursday) I had the midwife and my blood pressure was slightly raised (130/90) but no issues just to check again on the following Monday. Friday night I began feeling pressure and thought it was just baby trying to engage so went to bed. Saturday morning I woke up at 6 to get ready for my last day at work but my stomach was cramping (not contracting but cramping) it was quite sore but baby was moving normlly so took some paracetamol and tried to carry on as it got more painful I rang mau at 8, they asked me to come in believing it was a uti but just to check. In the car on the way there it started getting unbelievably painful I was crying in pain. I got to the hospital at 9, did a wee sample and got put in a room to wait for midwife as I felt sick.. immediately started throwing up then sat down to have my observations taken, nothing was said at that point but the midwife wanted to have a feel of my tummy and asked me to lay down as I moved I felt something come out of me (I thought it was waters) so I wacred down my pants to have a look and it was blood. The midwife hit the emergency alarm and began trying to find a fetal heart beat. I heard nothing. Lots of doctors and midwives rushed in and wheeled me off to another room where the doctor began to scan my stomach as anaesthetists where trying to put cannulas in. The doctor asked me if he could call me Sam I said yes (I hate the name Sam but didn't care) he carried on" I have something to tell you" I knew what he was going to say and I just started saying no.. he continued again "you're baby has passed away. There is no heart beat" I sobbed uncontrollably still loosing blood. I got rushed to theater begging for more pain killers.. they gave me more powerful pain killers over and over. The obstetrician broke my waters and they gave me something to induce me. The cramping in my stomach was so bad I couldn't feel the contractions.  The labour was really quick and I was waiting for my partner to arrive still (my mum took me) when I felt him coming down and the need to push.. the doctor rushed out to meet him and tell him that the baby had passed away and I held off pushing for him to come in.. as soon as he came in I had my legs up on the doctor (there was no time to put up the stirrups) and he came out.. this perfect little boy who looked exactly like his big brother but he wasn't awake I held him on my skin crying so much.. I was already having a blood transfusion and fluids by this point. I'd lost over 4 pints of blood.. then the doctors realised I wasn't  breathing properly and I had to have an oxygen mask on and a heart scan and xray . There was fluid on my lungs and I wasn't getting enough oxygen. They were talking about comatosing me when my oxygen levels began to pick up slightly and they sent me to icu to be monitored. This was all before 2 pm so within 6 hours my boy went from moving normally to being dead and born whilst I was hemorrhaging and struggling to breath. In three hours he went from moving to having no heart beat. From Thursday not having pre eclampsia to Saturday having severe pre eclampsia and having a massive abruption.  My little Lorenzo passed last Saturday on the 23/4/16 at 35+1 at 5lb7oz 

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  • I am so sorry to hear of your heartache and can only pray that little Lorenzo is a beautiful angel in heaven watching over his mummy, daddy and big brother or sister. I am so  lucky to have a daughter who will be 26 years old this month. She was born at 31 weeks weighing 2lb 10oz after I had a full blown eclampic fit. I was rushed to hospital with the crew telling my husband that I was simply dehydrated because like yourself I had been very sick. I had been checked a few days earlier and had slightly raised bp and 1+ Protein in my urine sample but was sent away as 'all being ok'. I had an emergency section and my little girl was taken to a hospital 12 miles away and I was put in intensive care. I was well enough to meet my little girl when she was 5 days old. I hope you stay positive for your other child and husband. Please god you will get pregnant again and all will go well as you will be monitored closely. I chose not to have any more children as we could both have died and I was told there was a 1 in 10 chance of it happening again but in your case you've already had a normal pregnancy so hopefully can go through it again. Good Luck for the future. 

  • im sorry for your loss.. same thing happened to me 5 moths ago.. same scenario:( it was also a boy.. 3 kilos...

    still the doctors are trying to find out why.. but no answer..

    im sorry for your loss

  • Thank you.. and sorry for your loss too.. What are they doing to try and find out ? 

  • I am trying to find out.. why didn't I have any symptoms of preeclampsia.. there was no protein in my urine.. my bp was stable throughout the pregnancy everything was normal.. except that I was swollen.. all doctors say that placental abruption have no cause.. they couldn't save my baby..  I need answers.. i'm really afraid that it could happen again..

  • My story resembles many of the stories of PIF. I was diagnosed with placental abruption at the day of my delivery. I was rushed to the hospital with no contractions or vaginal bleeding. the doctor did a pv. and said I was 2 cm dilated. when the doctor started screening on the ultra sound I felt something was wrong I was deep inside sure something was wrong with my baby. Finally an OB approached me and said that there was no fetal heart beat and that my baby died few hours ago and that there isn't a specific reasons why abruption happens at this stage of pregnancy. I was given an induction medication. the pain was un bearable but I was standing strong. my tests before the delivery were really bad my bp was 150/100, two albumin ++, help syndrome positive , elevated heart beats. Right after I delivered baby Amin (boy) I started bleeding heavily the doctors tried to save my life ( I bled for continuous 5 hours) during the era all I thought about was baby and how beautiful and peaceful he looked..

    deep inside I believe that God has an aspect for what happen and I my faithful and thankful. All I hope for is another pregnancy. Its been four months now. I remember him 10,000 times a day

    this is my story

  • I had one slightly raised bp on Thursday but it was still stable but other than that swollen feet was my only symptom too.. I meant do you know what tests they are doing ? 

  • I had exactly the same... Just 2 weeks ago... I didn't have any symptoms except the swelling. My baby also couldn't be saved, he'd been without oxygen for too long.

    The doctors have told me they'd keep an eye on me next time, but I'm also very scared. I don't think I could face this again.

    I just keep going over things in my mind, if there's anything we could have differently...