Action on Pre-eclampsia
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Hello everyone

I'm so sorry for the people that have lost there babies and wish you all the best for the future.

I was 28 years old when I got pregnant and I was fit, healthy and underweight (45kgs) with low blood pressure but I gained a lot of weight 27kgs by the end of my pregnancy.

I felt yuck, tired, swollen, head aches and had blurred vision from pre eclampsia

I was on BP tablets at 34 weeks which did lower my BP for a short time then my kidneys were getting quite bad.

my urine tests kept getting higher until I was admitted to hospital on bed rest then my kidneys were about to fail at the last marking on the urine test When I went in for a c-section luckily my daughter who was born at 37 weeks was just perfect an healthy at just over 6 pounds.

I was on BP meds for 2 months and my swelling had gone away by 6 weeks after the birth but my immune system is low now and my memory isn't the same and when I take medication like antibiotics I get a pain in my lower back which I think might be my kidneys still struggling a bit to process certain things but these could all just be a coincide I'm not sure and I have a gut feeling that I will get pre eclampsia again but I really want more children so it will be worth it.

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