Could anyone with experience of pre eclampsia help me?

My midwife and doctors haven't really said much to me, I'm on labetalol to control my high blood pressure but even while I'm taking it my blood pressure is still at 150 and my pulse is 112. All my urine results have had traces of urine until about 4 weeks ago when it turned into more than a trace and it was quite high. I have blurred vision, constant chronic headaches. I have a hospital appointment tomorrow but every time I go and they test me they try not to worry me as I have reactive depression and they try not to set me off. But I need to put my mind at rest, about 3 days ago after 6 weeks of no sickness I haven't stopped vomiting. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what they think I could be facing and put my mind at rest? I'm at 28 weeks plus 5 days.

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  • Hi. Sounds like your hospital appointment today will be good timing as I would have suggested that you take yourself to the hospital clinic to get yourself checked. Your symptoms do sound a bit concerning but I'm sure once you get to the hospital they will give you a thorough check. Once my pre-eclampsia had been confirmed I was admitted to hospital and told that I had to stay until I reached a point where it was not safe to continue with the pregnancy. I had a week in hospital before being induced at 34 weeks. Try not to look at the numbers when they take you BP as it just makes you more stressed! Good luck x

  • Dear Hannah, Could you let me know how you get on at your appointment today? Your symptoms do sound worrying but at least you and your care team are aware of, and monitoring them which is a start in the right direction. Please do call the helpline on 0208 427 4217 at any time (in office hours) for a chat if you continue to be worried but please do keep in touch. You can also email me on if that is easier.

    Best wishes Ann Marie

  • Dear Hannah, I've passed your question on to one of our experts. Could you please ring me asap on the helpline or office number? 0208 427 4217 or 01386 761848.

    Ann Marie

  • Hi, sorry to hear you've been feeling so unwell. If I were you I think I would ring up the assessment unit to let them know about the vomiting and see if they wanted me to go and get checked prior to the hospital appointment already made. Sometimes vomiting can be a symptom of more serious problems and I would want to be on the safe side. Hope all goes well x

  • My daughter is 23 now and thankfully we both survived. I had + protein in my urine at an anti natal clinic when I was 30 weeks. The nurse made no comment about this but when I returned to work a colleague said that it was worrying. Only 5 days after that I was very sick and had a terrific headache like the one you mention. I phoned a doctor who advised me to take half a paracetamol. He said I had a bug. As this was my first pregnancy I thought nothing of it. Unfortunately just the next day I had an eclampic fit at home and was rushed to hospital and given an emergency section. My daughter was 2lb 10 oz. Having joined Action on Preeclampsia some 20+ years ago at its onset I have a great deal more knowledge than I had then. My advice to you would be to go to the maternity unit at your hospital if you are anxious. Bed rest may simply do the trick. I have had no issues apart from high blood pressure immediately after the birth for which I was given a very strong dose of medication. I was frightened, however, to have any more children. I hope this helps and that you have a healthy baby full term or earlier. Lots of people have gone through what you are going through. The after care of prem babies is excellent so try to relax but don't worry if your baby has to be delivered early.

  • Your Consultant should be taking good care of you I was put on bedrest for a week with a BP Monitor and given labetalol and in my second pregnancy from 16 weeks was given low does aspirin and it kept the preeclampsia at bay

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