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Hi I suffered severe pE with my first daughter 27 years ago. I fitted in labour and had to have a emergency c section and then went into intensive care for one night. Then put in a room with no lights for approximately 4 days, not knowing my baby at this point. Thank god we both survived. 7 years later I'm pregnant with my 2nd daughter and at the end of pregnancy PE cells were showing in my liver, then they went. I'm now 50 had a heart attack at 41requiring 3 stents then needing a further stent 2yrs ago. I have ischamlic heart disease. At present I'm on a lot of medication for my heart bp and other health pproblems. For the last 8mths to a year my blood pressure has been out of control above 200. I'm wondering is this maybe long term affects due to my severe PE. Can anyone advise me please, as this has only just come to my attention. I'm feeling so ill with the bad headaches and tiredness.

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  • I had an eclampic fit followed by emergency C almost 27 years ago. Thankfully we both survived. My daughter has asthma and IBS but I've had no problems. I am 60 this year so it looks like you have just been very unlucky. I hope you feel better soon and get all the help you need.

  • Sorry to hear that you had pre eclampsia bad too. Good to hear you & your daughter are well. Thank you for your best wishes.

  • Hi could you please send your inquiry to and we can send you a list of experts which you can be refered to by your doctor.

  • Hi thank you for giving me that information. I will email my name and address over. Thank you

  • Hi can you also se bd me some information regarding high blood pressure please. Thank you Leigh

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