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Hi everyone, so I've been on disability for a year and a half and although my anxiety is better than it was a year ago it is still bad. I'm going back to work part time next month and the company that hired me is very impressed with my experience. This past Christmas I had trouble enjoying being with my family and had trouble sleeping and had terrible tension headaches and heart racing while thinking about the upcoming job. I have bipolar disorder and I don't want to relapse. Even though I have good days and feel fine other days I feel so on edge and even paranoid that people think I'm crazy or psycho it bothers me and makes me more anxious. I will be working with an autistic boy one on one and just worry about the parents. It is just part time and I am going to try and just make it three days if I can. My parents have pressured me to get a job for so long and now it is happening and I'm scared of what will happen. My quality of life isn't great I'll admit and everyone therapist included want me to work and think it'll make my anxiety better. Thanks

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Hello I worked as aTeaching assistant for 13 years, mostly with children with learning disabilities also Aspergers but mostly Autism! The parents may judge you, but the child with Autism won’t. It’s the most rewarding job. The child kind of gets you..And the parents soon come round. I would always ask the parents for any tips and do’s and don’ts and make a note of them. You never know unless you try it. Wishing you well, whatever you decide 🤓


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