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Anyone else?

This might be the problem with someone who has experience consistently high anxiety for Atleast a year. This has been the case with me since December of 2015 and getting better now but

Sometimes when I go up stairs or bend over and come back up I get that intense shortness of breath or I feel like I have to stop what I’m doing to let this weird uncomfortable pressure feeling and like flash from my eye to go away. Feels like this pressure feeling that happens when I bend over or kneel down and come back to a standing point. Today I was holding my dog and bent over to grab something and when I came back up I immediately drank from a. Cup but had to stop drinking so I can catch my breath because my heart also started pounding hard. This also happens out f no where when I’m sleeping.

But it scares me and automatically start thinking something is wrong but I’ve been to the docs a lot and they’ve done full blood tests on me and I’m fine. Ugh. Anxiety playing it’s tricks I guess.

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Happens to me all the time and it sucks i totally get it i even feel like a rush to my head almost i understand completely been dealing with it for about a year or 2 and i have no idea what triggers it...it’s easy to say find out what triggers it but i don’t know


Yes exactly ugh!


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