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Blood pressure

Hello all,

I get severely anxious about having a reading done for the fear of it being too high , and low and behold , it is. Whenever I go to the doctors for a check , they always tell me to come back but it’s never ‘normal’ , always too high. The same for when I do a reading in work. However, when I bought a wrist monitor for home use , my BP is normal as I’m more relaxed. So my question is , should I be concerned and does previously having an Anxiety Disorder now make my BP high as a result? How do I prove to the Doctor that my BP has produced normal results on a home monitor despite it maybe not being as accurate as the one they have? I’m really at a loss and stressing out.


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Anxiety messes with your body so yes your bo will be higher than average because your going through adrenaline rushed and all this chemical imbalance is affecting you so you freak out which becomes EXCITEMENT not to you but to your body so the answer is your bp will be higher when in anxious mode

When your relaxed take a look at your BP that will be your normal bp especially if you check it daily and is the same number

Everything we do raises our BP

I can drink coffee and my bp will raise

I can take a xanax (never have) and it will lower my bp

I can take a epi pen and my bp will be OVER THE ROOF (i never have)

Ican sleep and my bp be lower because we are super relaxed

So please i assure you your hogh bp is only cause your focusing on it and its causing your body to go in panic which then causes your bp to raise


Hi Carlos, I have the same problem, BP always up when taken by a doctor or nurse. But to get an accurate reading you must be seated for at least 5 minutes, feet straight down on the floor, arm at heart level and supported, not after a meal and not talking. Then take 3 readings at 2 minute intervals, add them up and divide by three. How many GPs and nurses ensure all that in a patient, they don't have the time. It used to be said thst wrist monitors are less accurate than arm monitors, maybe not true any more. My doctor has an Omron 8 bp machine, one of the brands recommended for accuracy by the British Hypertension Association. I have an Omron 10 which is one model up from my doc. For a week before seeing him I write down my bp taken each day and show them to him. Maybe you could write yours down at home and give him your results.


Thank you Jeff for your supportive words


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