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loneliness maybe not tomorrow

Good evening all, Anyone that has seen my posts over the last few days will have a pretty good idea where I am with things. My friendship with a lady I met at Bereavement Counselling got me in a bit of a mess and is now on hold. I think as people have advised me on here it is too early after the passing of my wife to get serious with anybody. The amount of guilt I felt probably answered any doubts I had. I have felt a bit upset today but I think the new medication is helping me. The sad thing about today is that I have not had a conversation with anybody hence the heading. I not even saw the people at the park were I walk the dogs, no one has phoned me so today I feel a right 'Billy no Mates'. However tomorrow is another day all be it Sunday I will make the best I can of it. I have plenty of things to do even if the weather is bad it is just motivation to do them.

Oh well I had best leave it there before I depress everybody even more.

Regards laverdasf

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Hi laverdasf1000, I really believe you are doing the right thing as well. Giving yourself a chance to heal as well as find out who you are at this point in life, will help you go forward when you are ready for another relationship. There is always plenty to do it just takes some motivation to get started. It does seem that the weekends can be a bit of a downer only because we think of others doing exciting things and going places. I've made my Sundays my shopping day. I make my list out on Saturday and decide what meals I will plan for the week. During the week I tackle a project or two depending on how much time I spend on the forum. It's a matter of feeling fulfilled in no matter what we do. Having that one thing to look forward to each day will give us the motivation we need to get out of bed and start yet a brand new day.

Enjoy whatever you decide to do. And give yourself time to smile during the day, it's a great mood booster. :)


Hello, You are the lady in Chicago, not from memory I hasten to add I have been saving the messages in a folder so I can read them again. I guess you can feel lonely anywhere, I was on a training course in London some years ago and surrounded by people seemed the loneliest place to be.

I will be ok I am trying to build a new life and things are taking a while to get going. I think I have mentioned I am waiting to start training at the local hospital radio. To start with, getting requests from the patients and then moving hopefully to presenting a show. I would like to present 70's music Motown and Barry White anything like that.

Is your weather still hot and I am not sure the time difference in Chicago. I have never been to the states but visited Canada in 1978 that was pretty good.

Regards laverdasf


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