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Social Anxiety

Hi my name isDiana & I am 44 yo. I suffer from social anxiety. Ive been going thru this since I was a little girl I first experienced it At 5 yo & I can't grow out of it. It's an awful feeling. I tremble (shaky) when I walk or when I'm in a public place; racing thoughts, racing heart, watery eyes, I stutter when I talk; I don't eye contact I look down or look away; I can't make friends; unable to start a conversation; I feel that I'm going to ask a stupid question & that individual may laugh or may make me look stupid; & I also feel that someone is staring or talking about me. Does anyone on here go through social anxiety? & What are your experiences & How can I break out of it? Any advice or ideas?

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Hi Dlalin25, there wasn't a name for it when I was growing up. I was shy. Usually Social anxiety comes from genetics, bullying or traumatic events as a child or over protective parents. It is a difficult thing to reverse short of facing your fears and taking small steps when getting into social situations. If you take that step and it proves to be too overwhelming or over stimulating for your nervous system, excuse yourself and take a walk, do some deep breathing. Whatever you do, the worst thing is to isolate yourself and stay home. It helps to go out in a group of 3-4 people so that there isn't that lull in the conversation that many social phobics just hate.

Find a job or a group that deals with the public. Again start small.. As you get confident with yourself, your self esteem will grow, as it grows people will gravitate towards you. Your personality will blossom (it's never too late). People don't really notice our short comings but do notice our personalities.

It worked for me years ago and I've yet slipped back to the shy little me. I'm outgoing, I care about others, I smile, I make people laugh etc. The thing is to get to the point where you are comfortable with yourself. You are who you are and happier for it. At times, medication may be warranted and even some therapy to give you that extra boost that you need. All in all, you can and will one day throw caution to the wind. I can only imagine how much you could contribute to a conversation after all these years of just listening and hiding. My best to you Diana. Not everyone is a superstar but know that everyone is important in their own way. x


I am on medication & I go to therapy sessions once a week. Thank you so much for your advice n for encouraging me. Blessings 🙏🏾

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