Long term anxiety survivor

Hi, I joined this community a few months back for some support. Though I didn't know it when I was young, I have had trouble with anxiety since being about 4 years old, with ups and downs, and as an adult, various therapies which have helped to a degree.

I still get anxious and it annoys me so much. After group therapy, I made some big changes and started a new career, but the anxiety stops me sleeping properly and makes me much less efficient at work. I know I'll never get rid of it completely, but it does get me down sometimes.

However, I am a survivor - trying to be positive!


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2 Replies

  • Wow. You are a survivor. Do you do it med free?

  • Thanks. Still on antidepressants and I take betablockers for migraine prevention but they also help with physical anxiety symptoms like increased heart rate etc. Sometimes I still feel like avoiding challenging situations, but I just tell myself I'll get through it and if things go wrong I'll just do my best.

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