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Overwhelmed feeling helpless


Need some advice for the past 20 years I've had elevated white blood cell count took blood in November and my doctor wanted me to see a hemotogist so I went yesterday more blood was take and I will only get the results in two weeks he told me in his opinion I shouldn't worry easy for him to say how do I relax a bit now today my legs hurt and I'm thinking the worse about bone morrow how can I stop these guessing games that are all in my head ..... Help

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Hi. You identified the problem yourself when you said - 'how can I stop these guessing games that are all in my head'. That is typical of health anxiety - you get an idea that something is wrong and it haunts you, even when told there is nothing wrong. That reaction is also connected with ocd and learned behaviour. You have had this blood issue for 20 years - but you are still here. That is the positive thing you should try to focus on. All of the anxieties force us to focus on the negatives in our lives. Your doctor will be aware that you have anxiety disorder of course, but even for doctors it can be difficult to always say the right thing at the right time. I guess he is saying that you should try not to worry before you know there is something to worry about. You have some days before you get your blood result - it will help if you can try to find a way of occupying your mind with something positive. For example - if I want to refocus my mind I will do something like come on here and try to offer some useful advice to others if i can - or I will write or read or watch tv shows that make me laugh, or I will call a family member or friend for a chat about whatever, or I will talk with my partner. I hope that you can find something to make you feel a little better at least.

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Thank you so much for your reply I know ur right and I'm gonna try to keep my mind busy I wish there was an off button lol thanks again I'm glad I joined this group knowing I'm not alone makes it a bit better

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Excellent. I wish you well my friend :-)


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