Sertraline and dodgy stomach

Hi all, for anyone out there on you find it gives you a really funny stomach? I've been on it for a couple of mo the and it was ok but it seems to be gradually getting worse. A little bit loose when I go to the toilet but mostly just really crampy, irregular bowels and soooooo noisy. Its constantly gurgling and bubbling. The doctor said it could be the tablets but I'm not sure if I should push to get it looked into further of its not that?? Xx


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3 Replies

  • Hi there. Did this problem settle down for you? I am having similar issues. It is the end of my third week and I have pretty constant but mild right hand side pain and cramping.

  • Hi, I'm off sertraline now but before I stopped it did settle down. It did take a while though (probably a month or so). Xx

  • Thanks for the reply

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