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Comminng of sertraline and pregnant

Hi guys im 33 wks pregnant bn using sertraline past two and a bit yrs and helped me lots i recently tried to come off it thought be better for bby was on low dose 25 but recently feel cnt cope feel sad moody n no patience for anyone sok panicked and took a pill there has anyonelse felt likd this not sure if its withdrawls affects or horrible hormones !!

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Hi emzy1989',

Honestly think your best route would be to discuss this with your midwife or GP, especially as you are in your final trimester, all antidepressants will have some withdrawal effects depending on how well the titration of dosage down has been managed. Again please speak to your GP or midwife in order that they can help you plan and manage things not only in this interim period but also post delivery when fluctuating hormones can be more of an issue for post delivery baby blues.


Hi thanks for reply just worried got new doc last time i seen her iwas reducing dose on 25 mg soo very low but feel it helps me cope better iv got midwife tomz and better make doc appt too xx


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