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Coming off Mirtazapine, below 7.5mg

Hello :)

I plan to come off Mirtazapine 30mg. I have been to the doctor, and she has given me a prescription for 15mg. I plan to do this very slowly. I have enough tablets for another 3 weeks, and plan to cut the pill in to 3/4 so it's 22.5mg and be on that until I finish them. I have read that it's advisable to use liquid solution for under 7.5mg and I'm not sure if I'll be able to get hold of this.

Has anyone got any experience of going down from 7.5mg? Does anyone know if it's possible to dissolve the tablets in water and use syringe or perhaps crush them up? So therefore I can go down even slower. The doctor thinks that I may be able to come straight off 15mg, but I don't really feel comfortable with that.

Thanks, Michelle x

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I went down from 45mg to 30mg and now on 15mg dissolvable, alls good x

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That's good. Thanks :) x


I went down from 30mg to 15mg. I am now down to nil with no withdrawel symptoms.


That's great to hear :) I've read that withdrawal can be hell so it's nice to see a positive experience.


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