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Anxiety on the radio.... another perspective

Earlier there was a mention of Anxiety on the radio (re young people) - by coincidence there was also piece on this morning's Woman's Hour on Radio 4, which was about older women. It might be an interesting listen for anyone who fits into that demographic. You can listen again on BBC iPlayer

Programme description:

Anxiety in older women

Figures just released show that last year, nearly a third of patients admitted to psychiatric hospitals for anxiety were women over 60. There are many suggestions as to why older women are being diagnosed with anxiety in greater numbers but one of the reasons seem to be that because women in the 60+ age group today are bearing the burden of caring for parents and grandchildren at the same time, their mental health is beginning to suffer. Jenni is joined by Stella Hopkins, who has been diagnosed with anxiety, and by Marjorie Wallace, the founder and CEO of the mental health charity SANE.

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I read something about this & how more women 60 & over are getting admitted to casualty with anxiety due to what you have said

I will have a listen to it in a bit , thank you for the link :-)






Yes, thanks for the link I will have a listen later. xx


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