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Suffering from anxiety, effecting my grades and now getting transferred to a college?!

Hey guys!

This is my first blog but I'm really depressed and anxious at the moment because I suffer from emetophobia and claustrophobia which causes daily panic attacks. I'm currently in sixth form and my parents have treated me to a private school for all my years in secondary school and now sixth form. I've been finding the A levels super hard and I feel so demoralised because everyone else is 'cleverer' than me. This does not help with my panic attacks and after my January exams, I came out with a D and an E for my grades, My dad said that if I couldn't improve this I would be sent to a college. So now I've just finished my summer exams and he's reiterated that point and it makes me so depressed because I love this school and I've been looking forward to my last year in school for various reasons. Also I've never been exposed to 'state school' which will really effect my anxiety if I do have to go to college. My confidence has been completely destroyed because of all this and my parents really don't understand what I'm going through. I have now developed psoriasis because of my stress levels and it seems like I may collapse at any point..

I would really love some reassurance..

Thank you

Beth x

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Hi Beth,

I just wanted to say welcome in,

and I'm sure someone will be able to answer your questions shortly.

What A levels are you doing, and how do you think you got on in the summer exams?

Whatever you got, you and your parents should be proud of you hanging in there and doing them anyway.

I also would of thought as your parents have put you in private school, you should be allowed so see it all through, whatever your grades.

Continuity, does help us all, and putting you into college maybe a step to far, although I can say state colleges are really fun :-) I had a ball, when I was there, many moons ago.

Whatever the outcome, you will be ok, have ou thought of trying meditation, ts good for relaxation, and stimulating the immune system.

This link has some short explanation video's that I found good, just click on the various vids and press play, there's one on the immune system thats interesting too

Wishing you well



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