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Claire weekes books? just promotional coments? Or something true?

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We know that everything today is promotional and business... But i really wonder how is possible in most of the coments it stand just Claire weekes books doing a miracle... Im sure they are thousands of books out there with the same meaning and thematic, so how is possible everyone talking just about Claire weekes books... Promotional message?

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Hi Johny, It is not a promotional scheme at all. I think why her book is pushed so much on the forum is because it has more then been proven over time that Dr. Weekes studies and theories on Acceptance.are right on the money. It's true that more and more research is following in her footsteps in regards to accepting anxiety as not harmful.. The less you fear the symptoms, the easier it dwindles away. She had a way about her message that hit home to every person who read it, as if she were talking about them alone. As with anything else, it takes opening your mind to what she is saying. It's not a miracle cure but a proven way in getting you on the right track in beating anxiety once and for all. Good Luck with any book you choose to read. :)

Hi Johnny,

I couldn’t believe I saw the name of Claire Weekes. I was shocked. I didn’t think anyone ever heard of her. When I was in my 20’s this book was advertised. I sent for it . It helped me beyond belief. The book is called: Hope and help for your nerves. It saved my life. I am 64 now. Get the book

Good luck

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Thank you Madison, i will just try something new,hope it will help.

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