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riveroxaban and ssri’s - anti anxiety medication sertraline HELP.

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I’m usually on the heart community’s. But need some support from your community please. After a heart attack July 21 I was initially on clopidogrel and riveroxaban. The clopidogrel was routinely stopped Judy 22.

I’m having to stay on riveroxaban 20mg due to heart arrhythmia’s. As I’m having anxiety the cardiologist has put me on sertraline 50mg. When collecting this from the pharmacy he mentioned a possible interaction with riveroxaban. Unfortunately I went away and googled it which has caused me more anxiety. Due to my heart issues I’m very limited to any anxiety medications I can go on. And the cardiologist has said sertraline is probably the safest. Anyone here on ssri’s and blood thinners? If so what issues have you had if any? Any support please.


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Hi i have been on both for the last five years with no problems, hope this helps you regards Richard.🙂

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