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Warfarin gave me alcohol intolerance

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I hade an aortic valve replacement in 2019. Been on Warfarin since then, and not able to drink any form of alcohol. I get face/chest flush, face swell, hives all over my body and in every way a Disulfiram-like effect.

Has anyone had the same? Really took away some of my life quality. I want to be able to enjoy a beer or a glass of wine sometimes.

I tried to fina answer to this and my theory is that Warfarin interfere with the enzyme ALDH2, like Disulfiram does. I think Warfarin inhibit ALDH2. That can also cause some other things to be aware of, like an increased risk for throut cancer, IF i am right. Does anyone else know if Warfarin can cause ALDH2 defficiency?

Is there any cure? Is it reversible if you stop Warfarin?

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No-oo, but I went completely off red wine when they put me on rivaroxaban. This may just be a function of ageing, though. When I mentioned it to the consultant, he roared with laughter and said he hadn't come across that particular side-effect before. But it's worth checking with your haematology team next time you go in for a blood sample, just in case it's something reversible. It may be Just One Of Those Things, and you'll have to stay sober from now on.

That’s all you need especially if you enjoy the odd tipple here and there. I have taken warfarin for 13 years now and haven’t had any reaction to alcohol during this time. It may be worth asking your GP/haematology for some further testing just to rule out any other allergies. Good luck, I hope you get this resolved.

Hi, as others have said I've been on Warfarin since 2018 with no issues. Perhaps you need to build up a tolerance to it :-) If you are not dealing with a Metal valve ask your GP/Consultant to try you on rivaroxaban? HTH

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