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Feeling suicidal

My daughter (25) has told me she feels depressed and suicidal. She admits she had an eating disorder but is reluctant to take medication or go to counselling. I'm worried sick and don't know what to do x

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Well, there are helplines and even OCDsupport groups for parents in OCD Action the other charity I am a member of.

You can follow them on twitter and facebook or you can ring their helpline number I gave you last week they are fantastic!

They have a telephone number to rong to register for the parents support group a.nd/or felloa sufferers support groups. .Telephone 0303 040 1112 to register.

TAt least both of you could get support over Skype or telephone

They have an advocacy manager at their head office tou could also use this excellent service too.

OCD Action Advocay service telephone 0207 253 5272.

its only through them that I am no longer suicidal and I am trying to be positive as I can.

Your daughter is only young and has the rest of her life to live, " hopefully a much better one"

I beginning to feel a bit liw myself as a result of too much excess stresses which can often result in a set back or relapse etc.

I tried everything and i was feeling depressed and suicidal for more than two years until I became a member of OCD Action I've been with them for a few years now .

They are excellent at giving people motivation CBT and even support and advice for parents also spuoses, partners etc.

Have you tried the helpline I gave you last week 0845 390 6232. Keep these telephone numbers and other information safe so none of tgis will get lost. x

I hope this helps both of you.

Iam her e for you and your daughter so you'll always have someome to turn to. xx

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Thank you so much for all help, I will certainly use the the numbers you have given me x

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You are always welcome here. x

Best of luck with all the information I gave you. xx

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What a hard place to be in - I know how my mother felt about not being able to get me the treatment she knew I needed but refused to engage with. Watching me slowly fade in front of her must have been devastating. BUT - she has opened up to you - and I know what a difference having my mothers support and love despite my illness and refusal to accept help - it was that total love and acceptance that brought me through - and I pray the same for you and your daughter. ABC has a supporters helpline - as well as a helpline for those with EDs - perhaps you would both benefit from calling - I know how they helped me.

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