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Eating disorder

I have suffered with an eating disorder for approximately 5 years. I have only recently opened up to my family and certain friends. My husband has always been aware of the situation and is coping well with the way I am.

I work full time and some days I work 18 hour shifts sometimes with nothing to eat or something as little as a piece of fruit.

I deliberately restrict my food in take each day due to worrying I'll get fat. I'm 5ft 5 " and weigh 48kg but still feel I should be lighter.

I worry when I eat certain foods such as bread, if I eat bread one day my mind tells me I can't eat bread for another week. I'm scared to eat a biscuit or a chocolate. I refuse to socialise with friends and won't go out for meals with my husband.

I am extremely tired all of the time and now under investigation with a blood disorder I have chest pains a lot and a low pulse rate.

I've under gone 3 rounds of failed ivf and all of this has caused my mental health to go down hill. I'm currently under a psychiatrist and eating disorder clinic.

All I want is a baby but I need to get better first. I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel I'm convinced I'm killing myself slowly. I drink excessive amounts of water believing it will act as a laxative and have recently tried making myself sick.

Is anyone going through or been through similar situation. I'm 34 years old and it's been going on for around 5 years.

Please help

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Glad you've opened up - but think it would be good if you could go to your GP and explain the situation - you really do need to see an ED specialist to get things sorted - especially if you want to start a family. The physical symptoms may be related to your low weight - and clearly you need to get balance back into your diet to make sure nutritionally you are having a more balanced diet - but counselling to look at the issues causing the problem are also important. ABC have support and helpful advice too.

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