Is this part of the recovery process

Hi there.for those who may have viewed my previous posts, I am currently recovering form anorexia.

I have issues with constipation but am a great believer that with weight gain and consistent rating that will get better.

I have tried all sorts of supplements/diets/ avoiding food groups/eating loads of fibre. You name I've tried so.....

So I just thought (with a little of help from my GP) that I would try to eat normally... Allowing myself treats from time to time and not obsessing over high fibre foods(which could be making constipation worse) and having things like white bread, pasta and rice and nicer cereals.

I have been enjoying introducing new foods but omg it's been so hard. I battle with myself before and after eating something I feel I shouldn't have(this is more with chocolate, milkshake,puddings..All things I haven't had in ages!!!!!) I had my first Easter egg in God knows how long

It hasn't just been recently but I'd say since being very up and down with my weight I've experienced really strange noises in my belly. It's like water.. I'd say like a swishy sound. This can be morning,day or night. Maybe before or after eating. With all the other symptoms I experiene I really hope that this is part of recovery and didn't know if anyone else could share any of there experience.

I know I drink alot of water but not sure that would be the reason for it as surely it wouldn't stick in the tummy anyway.

I've been to my GP several times. They have said I don't have any severe symptoms for them to assume IBS/intolerance or any other diagnosis apart from I needed to keep eating regularly, regain my periods and get to my set point. Only then things will calm down..Boy I hope there right. But as always....They don't really understand as they don't have an ED.

Can anyone help me understand. I'd rather no negative comments. Lol

Sam xxxx


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