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Is it too late for me?

I'm genuinely terrified. After 10years with anorexia one of my habits is eating my safe foods more or less everyday.

On occasions I have had to break my rules and habits and eaten different food. recently I went to Spain for a wedding and had to eat differently. My stomache did not respond to this well and I spent many days near the bathroom.

Since returning I have returned to mainly eating safe foods but whenever I eat ANYTHING different it Is passing straight through me.

Before, this would make me happy, but now I'm frightened that body will always reject food. It seems nothing stays in and I'm scared my body isn't get any nutrients. (I'm already b12, iron, folic acid deficient)

Does anyone know if my long term upset stomache could be down to my eating disorder or could it be a food allergy? Has anything similar happened to long term sufferers?

Have I ruined my body forever?

Im sorry to talk so openly about a crude subject. Any comments would be gratefully received. X

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Hi bumblebee20 :) Truly go to your Dr/GP - food going straight through your system, is not good. Your body must have something wrong to dump food so quickly. As you would know it takes time for the body to absorb nutrients from the energy source (solid food or liquids). You haven't ruined your body forever, there are always consequences to our actions. Take a really good multi vitamin supplement -every day. Bodies not retaining nutrients really needs investigation, just don't give up, finding out why. To be low in iron, is quite often treated with ferros, and that has the unpleasant side effect of "binding" one up. Vitamin b family is essential for the nervous system, you need it, especially for lowering stress. Too higher strength of any of the b family will make you live in the toilet. No/low folic acid - you have to up your fruit intake :( If you can tolerate fruit please remember that all the good nutrition in the world can not be absorbed without vitamin c. Fruit has vitamin c :) Hope that helps (and wasn't too boring!) good luck :) Julie


Thank you for your helpful comments.

I know I will need to talk about this with my GP. I always feel foolish when I see her because I have so many health problems that I don't want to keep hassling her!

But it is become life limiting as all week I've been running to the toilet whilst at work. I'm ashamed to say I had an accident at the airport and whilst shopping. It's embarrassing.

Thank you for nutritional advice. I'm quite savvied up on what I need to eat, I guess I still struggle to actually do it!

But maybe I need this as yet another wake up call.

Thanks again x


bumblbee20 you are not "hassling" your dr with requests to help you with your health. I'm so sorry those accidents happened to you :( Chin up, put your pride firmly in your pocket and off to your dr you go - before you change your mind ;)


Hi Bumblebee20. I would always suggest going to see your GP for a medical assessment when something like this happens. But I am also wondering if the food you ate in Spain was richer than you are used to, which can temporarily overwhelm the gut, leading to the kind of problems you are experiencing. The other thought I had was whether you picked up some sort of bug whilst you were out there. So definitely speak to your GP about it.

Hope that helps.


I now have an appointment with my GP to talk about this.

I did blame a bug but if I'm honest with myself I think this problem has been there a long time before but I chose to ignore it as I saw being 'empty' as a positive.

But now I have been having accidents that it's limiting my life as I'm too afraid to be too far from a toilet. Especially when shopping.

Thank you so much for your advice and taking the time to reply. I hope I can get a solution to the problem.



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