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I take it you all know of Ayahuasca?

Google it if not. Basically an orally active form of the powerful hallucinogen DMT.

It has crossed my mind several times that the drug to cure us is likely in the rain forest, just waiting to be discovered by Western science.

Try these Ayahuasca reports for miraculous cures for ALS (take with a large dollop of salt)


Don't try this at home, kids.

Good friend of mine goes to an Ayahuasca "church" in Glastonbury, England. Nothing ventured, I'll give it a go.

I can tell you all as a stone, cold fact. Magic Mushrooms do nothing for Adrenomyeloneuropathy.

There is an African hallucinogen, Iboga, touted as a cure-all as well.


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I had not heard of ayahuasca until this past September. There is an article in the New Yorker magazine this past September. The reason why I haven't heard of it could be because I do not ever entertain the thought of taking hallucinogens, especially if there hasn't been any scientific study behind it. I'm a former smoker - I smoked tobacco to relieve stress and that was all. I quit smoking almost 20 years ago.

Monkeybus - Please be careful. As you say, don't try this at home, kids. I know you have a friend who is inviting you to join him but most certainly you know yourself better.


You speak nothing bu truth, julie_

It is not the hallucinogenic aspect that intrigues me, it's the ancillary alkaloids that do.

Try the mighty NCBI database...


Scroll down to "The Possible Role of DMT in Tissue Protection and Neuroregeneration"

Something in this.

It is well worth a read.

Let's not forget that marijuana is an incredibly powerful, mind-altering substance. Used by friends of mine with alacrity, And they are not even sick.

It is all worth bearing in mind at any rate.


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