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When you again realize your brain is betraying you

I've written in the past of the progression of my DLB and my constant surprise as the the changes occur. Another such occurrence happened over the past couple of days and I realized I was slightly unsettled by it.

A few days ago I was in our master bath and saw something behind the trash can. I bent over and looked closer and was surprised to see a mouse trap. We've never had mice and my wife never mentioned seeing any. I made a mental note to ask her about it. Of course I forgot before I left the room. I saw it again several more times with the same result each time.

Finally, last night, sitting in the family room, it hit me that I was going to ask about the mouse trap. I did and received a quizzical look. I explained and she went to look. Turns out the mouse trap was a tag off some clothing. I couldn't believe my eyes were misinforming me this badly so I had to see for myself. When I went in and picked the item up, yep, it was a tag! It's amazing the things an unhealthy mind can make you believe. Even something so simple as this can be unsettling because I know it is almost definitely leading to far worse.

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For awhile that was happenings to me all the time Now not so much I thought it would just keep leading to far worse which it did for awhile and now it's gotten so what better what help me was knowing that God had me in his hands and I was always save My heart goes out to you I really do understand just hard to express my words

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Thank you Lori,

It's almost impossible sometimes to properly convey what we are feeling to "normals". It nice when another on this journey just gets it.


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