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Hello from Kentucky


My Dad is now 83 years old. Mom passed away in 2011, Dad was 77. Before her passing she'd tell me Dad was getting forgetful, I shrugged it off, I never saw it...back then I never felt I discussed things with him that I'd know more about. My dad is a BSer from way back. A very smart man, with a sharp mind. At 83, Dad is in good health taking a BP pill and a script for a vitamin, he still lives in his own home, drives, close to home, and takes care of his own affairs with minimal help from me. Mom spoke freely before her death about me having to help Dad and he knew it. I first saw his confession less than a week after Mom's passing, but it was the financial stuff, he really didn't understand or care to understand. My sister in law works at his doctors office, so when his confession got worse I called and let her know so the doctor could address it with him, had it been up to him he wouldn't mention it. At that time the doctor gave him a script for some sort of vitamin, it started with a Cephxxxxxx. Researching I see the elderly lack some vitamins which aid in memory. Insurance quit covering it, they changed him to another. The financial stuff still really confuse him now. He got a thing in the mail he was concerned about...I look at the envelope and tell him Dad this has Mom's name on it addressed to her. He then says Who is Mom? That was a big RED light. I KNOW his memory fails him but a naturally hateful, sometimes billegerant, argumentative man....these are the traits that come to the surface when he is most confussed and trying to cover. AND He won't shut up so I can explain. Or its an answer yeah uh huh, like he thinks I'm stupid. It gets frustrating. He too couldn't remember us going to the bank taking care of Mom's affairs that she left to him, me and my brother. I'm just clueless how to handle him at this point. Thanks for letting me vent.


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Hi Sheree, welcome to the community and thanks for sharing your situation. In addition to support you will receive from members of this group, please let me know what county you live in -- this help help us direct you to some local Alzheimer's resources. All the best


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Start here: alz.org/kyin/in_my_communit...

There is an 800 number, along with a support group in Greenup. The local Alz assoc will likely have case managers who can help on devising a plan. All the best.

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