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Answers for family of Alzheimer's patients!

I am looking for help for my daughter's in laws. The grandmother has Alzheimer's disease and is pretty bad she doesn't know anyone anymore. They have been keeping her home and the husband won't consider anything else meanwhile he has had to have surgery for cancer. My daughter has been staying at their house for weeks now and is at her wits end about what to do. Grandpa won't even talk a bout his wife's problem. Does anyone know what to do. My daughter can't keep up and the family has to all work. He says he can't afford to put her anywhere because of cost. But I think he just don't want to loose her. They could both go together to a home but they want to stay home. What do you do in a case like this? Help of any kind would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Welcome to this community, and thanks for sharing your story. What city and state/province do your daughter's in-laws live? This will help in directing to some local resources.


They live in Delta Al. Which is close to Aniston Al. The problem is grand pa won't agree to help and he is now back in hospital for cancer while my daughter is trying to take care of grandma. She don't even remember being married anymore. It's heat breaking. If he would only go with her to home it would be nicer for both of them. The family is on verge of loosing there jobs trying to take care of them.If grandpa would at least let grandma go to a day care facility out would help. But he is the boss! Thanks for your help.


Start here:

The in Alabama has a toll free number, and will have case managers and support groups. The situation you describe is difficult, but it won't be the first time they hear it.

Feel free to come back to this community with updates and any questions. All the best


Thank you maybe a case worker can talk hi! Into allowing help for his wife and also give the family peace instead of the guilt they carry.


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