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Spring is here finally and I am so happy to report (despite the doom and gloom around recently) that my hair is back to being in bloom again! Six months ago my hair was in free fall. Now, thankfully, my once very patchy head has almost recovered yet has decided to grow back a shade of very pure white. I guess we can`t have perfection but I am smiling once again. I am still taking the Viviscal tablets as I do think they help. To all alopecia sufferers i would say THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE. x

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That's wonderful news, have you done anything different to help it? Xx

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Hi Kempsa. Thanks for the reply. When I think about it I did turn to taking liquid vitamins which contains iron but don`t know if this is what help my grow back. Decided to try the liquid kind because they absorb better. I have been no less stressed than previous. For people with absorbption difficulties liquid vits may be the thing for them. Take care my friend. x

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