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New here - alopecia


Am 66 and always had lovely thick, long hair. About 18 months ago a hairdresser told me I had a bald patch at the back of my head. We both thought it was due to having my hair tied up and pinned on my head so I wasn’t too worried. Since then it’s got thinner all over and most days my brush is full of hair! Been to GP who says its alopecia and is sending me for blood tests for thyroid and diabetes. If they come back Negative she will send me to a dermatologist. In the meantime what else can I do apart from eating veg, protein and oily fish which is what she recommended. I do eat a very health, varied diet already.

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Hi you could try biotin supplement. Won’t do any harm while you are awaiting tests but may give your system a boost. Good luck

Thanks Mamamia123. I read your post yesterday and bought some biotin supplements today and will see how they go.

Good luck. I am one stage further on than you. I discovered two small bald patches then had rapid hair shredding. Had all tests thyroid etc and all came back within normal range. My doctor referred me to dermatology, but as there is a long waiting list on the nhs I did some research and found a dermatologist that specialises in hair and scalp and have paid to see him private. He has put me on a course of steroids and there appears to be small hairs starting to grow 🤞🏽But obviously this all takes time. In the meantime I have bought a wig that is very similar to my normal hairstyle. No one can understand how it makes you feel unless you have been there.

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