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Hair has been thinning for 9 months but is growing...but I also saw a bald patch :/

So I'm 25 and my hair has been thinning for 9 months... During those months...it thinned slowly which made me think okay this androgenetic alopecia...because its thinning slowly and not coming out all at once , nor do I have patches. Also, my hair would not grow at all...which is another reason I chalked it up to Androgenetic alopecia.

Now, well yesterday after showering and doing a length check..I see that my hair actually grew, in certain areas ..it grew past where it stopped when the thinning started.

Can you have androgenetic alopecia and your hair still grow? I thought with androgenetic, it stopped..

Anyway, yeah... I just don't what it is..if its my diet, telogen effluvium( don't have a kid but I have bad anxiety and went thru a stressful emotional,time)

I want to get tested but I don't want a piece of scalp missing either :/

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My limited understanding of androgenetic would be that the hair that you've lost (to cause the thinning) doesn't come back but the other hair can continue to grow. It is possible to cover/disguise patches with SMP (our speciality) which wouldn't hamper re-growth if that's of interest. I'm sure you're looking at medical options first.


yes other hair continue to grow but have thinning areas....I have been talking to some other women over 50 and they all have the same issue and thinner in front bang area...but thinning all over ...just noticeable sparse in front area on each side and very front....and yes my other hair grows like crazy....so I use toppix to hide the thinning..and still on the journey hoping it will comeback


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