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Worried mum

Hi my 18 year old son has a 10p size patch of hair loss and has been given anti viral medication and anti fungal shampoo. Having read a little bit about alopecia I'm wondering if we should be asking for some steroid based medication. He went to see GP and I can't understand why he was given anti vitals? Any suggestions would be great fully received.

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Hi Shirlan,

I can only assume your GP does not believe it to be alopecia areata. Perhaps ask to see another GP within the practice and ask for a 2nd opinion. GPs have limited dermatology training. If you do not feel that your son is getting an appropriate diagnosis, consider asking for a referral to a dermatologist. It's important to get a correct diagnosis.

I hope this helps a little.


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Many thanks Amy. That is good advice, I was thinking about going back to the GP. I'll definitely do this now.


I was told the same thing by my GP too (I had the 10p patch on my beard and not on my hair). I then went to a dermatologist who confirmed "alopecia barbae". Unfortunately I didn't give it the right amount of attention, and have lost my beard, eyelashes and eyebrows and my hair is thinning away too. I would suggest getting a second opinion and to move fast if he does diagnose alopecia.

I'm reading many books about it and a lot is being written /researched about autoimmune disease and food. Make him avoid gluten for about 3 weeks. Make him eat lots of fruit and vegetables and cut the sugar. This, while doing an adequate therapy on the side.

I noticed that steroid medication is only provisional. It fixed me for a while but when I stopped, it just continued to make me lose hair.

I'm not a doctor but it has been a tough 3 years dealing with this condition and the one regret I had was not dealing with it well right from the beginning.

Good luck

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Thank you very much for your reply. I'm going to make him another appointment and ask for a referral. Sorry to hear that you've had a tough time. I will certainly push the fruit and veg and suggest he tries to avoid gluten to see if this helps. Best wishes.


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