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scarred alopecia

Hi I got diagnosed with scarred alopecia today awaiting to see a consultant for treatment i was told i had this from results of my skin biopsies is it common , is it caused by anything ?

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Hi Kaya 12, yes, this can be caused by several things and you need to ask the consultant for a clear diagnosis. I have Folliculitis Decalvans which is a scarring alopecia.

What problems are you having and what treatment are they giving you?

Good luck



i havnt been given any treatment at present im aaiting to see a consultant but been told this will take up to 18 weeks , i have thinning hair at the back of my head and loose hair when i wash or brush my hair and have bald patches at the back of my head , i do not know what type of scarring alopecia it is yet im unsure how they will find out i had skin biopsys done and they just said scarring alopecia


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