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Alopecia Areata

You may already be aware of the details/publicity in the link below, but just in case I thought I'd post.

I am also a member of but today I was listening to the Radio this morning LBC and it was about a 'cure' for Alopecia.

Apparently they say there is a 'cure' so I'll give the link below and members can summarise what they think of it.

I have had steroid injections in the past but Alopecia Areata returned again.

If you cursor down to the arrow to listen to the video by the Researchers.

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so shaws ifthese people have taken it why cant anyone else, why the need to test it first these peeps have got hair backand I want some butitdoenst say where we can get it or what it is?


I think because it was a Research Team that found this helpful for many. It does take a long time for the mainstream to go along with 'new'' info as there hasn't probably been enough done to see what/if side effects etc could be.

However these are pictures of Dr Angela Christiano who herself had Alopecia. Look at her head of hair now. :)


yes saw it so she takes it how cani contact the research team..


I think on the link I gave it mentioned facebook.


not on facebook shaws, but I have emailed her, check your home email, if you can get the face book one up can youlet me have it please.


there are a lot of angela but not her


You're right it was 'other Angela's. In the meantime this might be worthwhile reading. You could contact her at her lab I should think. I am looking to see if is topical rather than swallowing.


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