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Hair loss advice please

Hi, I wonder if anyone can suggest the reason for my hair loss. I do not yet have bald patches. I have been suffering hair loss over the last few years. It does grow back. The loss is all over but worse at front.

I have an auto immune disorder. It is not related to my medication (happened during med free time). I have some tiny red dots on my scalp (they look like telangiectasia) and I get red flushing over my scalp face and upper torso. I am diagnosed with Behcet's not Lupus so I don't know if the flushing is connected to auto immune disease or not.

My sister has the same problem. She has underactive thyroid but controlled with medication. My thyroid function is normally ok.

Sometimes I get very tender scalp sore to touch and feels like my hair is being torn out when it is being brushed. All of my symptoms improve the more medication I am on for auto immune problem. So I am wondering if it is an auto immune issue.

I have asked for referral to a dermatologist. Anyone put there with similar experience?? Thanks

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Alopecia comes in many various types. For those with the autoimmune kind, its not known what kicks it. into action. The body rejects something it should accept. Lots of us have blood tests which come back 'normal' - its the way alopecia is diagnosed.... not hairloss because of.... therefore its alopecia.

Hairloss can come with a whole range of physical symptoms, which can be anything from a mild discomfort to agonising pain. People report it preempts loss, regrowth or nothing different. This is alopecia, it has no patterns, templates or timescales, for loss or regrowth.


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