IGROW LED laser red light therapy helmet

Has anyone tried this. QVC .com sales it with a 6 month return for a full refund policy so i decided to try it and wonder if anyone has...other sites says you have a 50 50 chance it works....you just sit under it for 20-25 minutes every other day .....i have been losing for a year and praying this helps....some say their hair stopped coming out in 6 weeks and others said 2 months and some 3 months and then others said they noticed no changes.....HAS ANYONE TRIED IT...... i have post menopausal hair loss.....so i dont know if it is hormones or something else.......also hypothyroid

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  • seen it read about it wondered about it but not tried it

  • i will say it is very simple to use. i went on qvc and amazon to read reviews and it has worked for half of the people so i figured worth a shot....some say it is miraculous so i guess it just depends and i pray it helps.for some it stopped their hair loss....that would be a plus and for many they saw new hair coming in .......i have tried the face mask red light led dpl for face and it does work for skin firming,wrinkles and pores and makes a huge difference if used daily which made me feel like this will too......

  • Jacjacr - did you have any success with the therapy helmet?

  • i am in month 2...still the same but dont have burning anymore and itchiness fading but i also bought infusium hair repair leave in w amino acids 2 weeks agoand it helps scalp..i read reviews again on it and sometook 4-6 mths to see hair growth so i am still hoping

  • i started taking iron bec my ferritin was below 70 and that causes hair loss but read u have to get it up for 3 months above 70 for a difference

  • I tried the igrow for the past 5 months. I first purchased it when I has lost about 15-20% of my hair. after using it faithfully for 5 months I heads no new growth and had lost 98-99% of my hair. I don't blame the QVC igrow, I just don't think it works for alopecia hair loss. My husband also tried and used it faithfully every other day for the past 5 months to see if it would help with his thinning front hair. Unfortunately it did not help him either. Just sent it back this week after 5 months and 1 week and am hoping there will be no problem with the refund.

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