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red light therapy for hair loss

has anyone heard or tried of the red light therapy light for hair loss with success....they sale caps you wear for 20 minutes a day or handheld devices...just wondering if it is worth the investment....

i have tried a red light therapy mask for wrinkles and sagging skin and amazingly it worked if you used it daily......better than creams

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Hi there,

I spoke to a dermatologist about these a few months ago and they advised me that there was no clinical evidence of these having any impact on slowing the effects of alopecia. Certainly not for alopecia areata but they are aimed at androgenetic alopecia (male & female pattern baldness) and no evidence for these either.

The light therapy treatment is approved by the FDA but my understanding is that things get approved as long as they are shown to be 'safe'. This isn't the same as something being effective.

Hope this helps.



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