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Is this the right place?

Hi, sorry if this is the wrong place to post. I am 44 and I have not been given any diagnosis at the moment. For the last two months I've had pain all over, in random places - calf, underarm, wrist, etc, which I could handle no problem, but in my chest was bad and went to the doctor but he said my heart is fine.

I can manage the pain even at work, but I'm getting wiped out all the time. Yesterday my day off all I did is walk the dogs and I just want to go to bed. Even sat here typing I am having to push myself to do this.

Doctor said bloods came back fine, mentioned this fibro thing might be the other thing to look for and said he will arrange a date with a rheumatologist but the waiting list is long - like 12 weeks.

I wanted to ask - could this be what it is? It's gradually destroying my life, I can hardly stand up after work, we are busy at work and I can see this is just going to lead to a disaster soon. Would the rumatologist pinpoint it? It's a hell of a long time to wait feeling like this, it's like having flu all the time.

Anyways thanks for reading.

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I am no doctor but unfortunately it does sound like fibro along with other bits of it, I always call it old age disease, it is how I imagined I may feel around 65 not when I was 46, sorry I cannot be any more helpful, hopefully you will see rheumatologist soon, but don't expect too much as sometimes it just confirms what you already know, what meds have you tried ? Maybe your doctor can start you on some now ?

Good luck.

Poppy Doris


Thank you for replying. Don't take this the wrong way but I was kind of hoping whoever replyed would say the opposite! No offense is meant by that, it's a difficult thing to accept, if this is what it is.

I only take paracetamol before bed to help sleep because my legs wont stop moving otherwise. Apart from that I prefer to feel the pain to know what is happening. The only time it is VERY bad is in my chest, the arms and legs I can deal with no problems.

The doctor seems happy with just paracetamol...I can understand that he probably wants to know what it is first. To be honest I'd rather just have the pain than the feeling like ****, that is the wworst.

Anyway thank you again for replying I do appreciate it. Work is so hectic right now that literally come on here for ten minutes in the ebbit of peace I get before bed!

Thank you, take care.


Hello can you describe what you experience in your chest? I'm just curious because I've been having a lot of discomfort in my chest area.


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