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EULAR Fibromyalgia Guidelines July 2016

EULAR Fibromyalgia Guidelines release date 4th July 2016.

Please find link below:


I believe from posts from the Fibromyalgia community that have read it thoroughly that is centres a lot on exercise strengthening muscles and exercise intolerance. But as we have always said we would have the motivation to do this as we all want to get better but we need adequate pain control to be able to even start Graded Exercise Therapy (GET) ! Plus if we start GET we have to think about the Push and Crash cycle of fatigue plus any other illnesses or symptoms we have which may limit our ability to do any GET.

So, it sounds very well in theory but in practice there are many variables that affect many people that prove to be an obstacle to GET especially if you have ME/CFS/SEID as well as GET has been reported to cause it to worsen due to a build up of Lactic Acid. I will try and find a source to back this up and add at a later date.

Hope this helps


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