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appeal or new claim

hi ive been turned down on my mandatory reconsideration for esa, this was just before i finally got a diagnoses off my doctor of fibromyalgia, its been ongoing for 5 years now and i lost my job because of this and esa said i got to go on jsa because im fit for work and they will ignore any further sicknotes that say not fit for work because of hip pain and other pains, so now the doc has put fibromyalgia on my sicknotes and ive handed them into the jsa, so do i take it to a tribunal or is it classed as a new claim, i need all the help i can please as i didnt realise that some of the things wrong with me i didnt know it was because of fibro so i never put them down on any forms, thanx for all the help you could give me, i live in nottingham so im not sure what groups or help there is around here

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on the right hand side of this screen there is a link that says - are you confused about benefits? Click on that and it should help

Are you confused about Benefits??!!


sorry can't see it now but I have found this very helpful and I am about to embark on everything myself after being newly diagnosed. I think you should have waited to get your diagnosis.


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