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Restless leg syndrome

I was tested for sleep apnea when they discovered I had a case of restless leg syndrome. I've been on medication for almost a year now, prior I never realized it until this last month! Now I feel the inside of my body jerking, my legs, and my hands! It's so dominate it stops me from doing things! I'm a little worried! Any ideas, this is so troubling, next appt is Feb 8

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I too expereinced restless legs some years ago, I was told I was using them too much in the day as a fibro sufferer! at night I have a sleeper and 2 paracets and I don,t go to bed until I know I will fall asleep to avoid the legs!! talk to your g.p there are things for this problem, most are reluctant to give meds , see another partner in your practice they might have a different opinion. good luck


when I had RLS I went to a neuro surgeon who did endless tests on my central nervous system awake and asleep. they found fibro!I believe RLS is part of it. I can get RLS sat at computer too long, with any form of fibro constant movement is essential to motivate idol muscles nack into action. I go for hydrotherapy every week and this help to stretch those muscles and I sleep that night after a work out in lovely warm water!


Quinine is great for restless legs. You can buy it in tablet form. A friend swears by putting a pinch of salt on her tongue when it happens.


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