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New symptoms

Hi all, sorry to be graphic, but my stomach seems to be a collection of many things, first my bowel or colon has diverticlar disease throughout, next I get told my ovary has a dermiod, next scan showed calcification of the ovary. After a period of time, next scan reviled calcification of uterus. Last week was told still got that all plus fibroids on uterus too. Been going through menopause so every month very sore under carriage.. More lotion and potions, so fed up can't have all taken away as my age and big operation.. But still smiling ☺ so annoying....

Enjoy ur evening, thanks for listening!

Tea1234 💞

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Keep on smiling honey, cause your worth it xxx


Hi sorry you have so much wrong but since I found out a few years ago I seem to have more things wrong with me.

Life seems rubbish sometimes but I try and focus on that there are people with a lot worse .I look at my grandson for imperastion he has cerebral palsy .

Also I did not realise fibromyalga and me run in family's as they are now looking into my daughter having both conditions fibromyalga and me.


Don't apologise for being graphic, sometimes it's the only way of getting the answers we need! I can certainly empathise with the diverticulitis and the fibroids. I expect you've had the lecture about avoiding constipation, which is the root cause of the diverticulitis, but it's difficult to avoid when you're probably on loads of medication. I was recommended to drink loads of water (at least 2 litres a day), and eat plenty of fibre and fruit. I would also recommend making yourself a tummy rub oil, with essential of oils of black pepper, rosemary and peppermint. When the diverticulitis pain is bad, rub it on your belly slowly in a clockwise motion, making sure to cover the whole stomach area (including under ribs and lower abdomen). Also, warm baths and gentle exercise can help (yes, I know, exercise is difficult if not downright impossible for many of us with ME / Fibro).

Also, I find Fennel tea very useful in getting things moving when painfully bunged up.

Hope this helps, and hope you get some relief soon.

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Thanks for that. I don't have that problem, constipation I'm at the other spectrum.... Lol 😁 xxx

Tea1234 💞


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