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Fibro or CFS

Hey everyone

I am having a lot of trouble getting straight answer for my doctor , was told that I have Fibro, but now I have CFS, with a different doctor, who said " its does really matter they are all treated the same" but for me to move forward and get my head round things knowing whats going on with my body matter, Plus the job centre don't see it that way they just want me to go away. I am so tired no matter what i do , cant think straight i am that tired , pains everywhere and depressed, fighting so hard to get what feels like no where, I feel like i have an illness so no one want to give me the time of day other than to tell me ill be fine or to say cheer up. I didnt expect this at 26, one minute I am really active and no I can barely do anything with out paying for days

sorry for the rant and thank you all in advance

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i have fibro and cfs which is called me i have both like you it is two individual conditions not the same they have similar illness pattens if you read up about the conditions you will see you have two conditions not just one


I am right there with you, I was diagnosed at a very young age with cfs after having mono. But no one listens! I have been also diagnosed with fibro as an adult and would love answers and clarification as well! Sorry I can't be of any help but I know it helps to know you are not alone!!!


Personally after my FM diagnosis I have done research myself on advice from the consultant at hospital. Which I found has helped, at 25 I've found myself feeling similar to how you feel, don't overdo things in regards to excersise and rest (if you can) when your body is telling you to. I've found if I try and do everything I want to do at once I'm paying for it for weeks after.

I'm still struggling with the diagnosis and the effects of it but just know you're doing the best you can. :)

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I too have been dxed with both fibro AND CFS. But fibro often is not permanent. I had mono from Epstein Barr and Coxsackie virus. But my doctor put me on acyclovir (an antiviral) and after a year on it, it was gone. Often fibro is self limiting as it is usually a post-viral condition. And it was! Almost a year exactly, it was gone. Just like that. Gone. When I was actively fighting the infection I was in agony, but yes, it's gone. So be hopeful. It can get better. A doctor at the Cleveland Clinic here in the US treated himself with antivirals and he improved. Slowly, but yes, he cured himself. Ask your doctor to check your EBV titres. Be hopeful!


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