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FM Diagnosis help?

Morning....oh hang on its PM already. I have a GP appointment tomorrow and am hoping to get some reason....a diagnosis (or start to) for why I'm still suffering with daily pain (its been around 5 years now) if its all in my head. I have stiff and painful joints, back and muscles, I even spent several weeks in plaster last year for a fracture that wasn't even there (MRI ruled out fracture) When its cold and damp I can hardly move, I am often very irritable and my moods fluctuate with the pain levels. I have headaches every single day and live on paracetamol most of the year. I have IBS, I cannot concentrate and can never find the words to explain myself, I have to write everything down but even then I often forget. I can have 10 hours n bed but when I wake up I feel like I've just got there. I wake every night to pee and often lay there for sometime after with a busy head which just wont shut up. I often have to nap in the day but feel guilty and lazy when I do, but when I don't I cannot function. I quite often have swollen glands in my neck which just go down on there own after a few days. I smell weird smells, really strong that no one else can smell, they can last for days or just a few hours then as quick as they come they just disappear.

I feel like I sound like I'm going crazy.....HOW DO I APPROACH MY GP , before they've just said I'm depressed and its causing all these things in my head, but the pain and other symptoms are causing my mood to be low....they just want to chuck me on anti depressants and tick the box, but I just want a reason for feeling rubbish all the time, then I can begin to deal with what to do about it. Do I tell them I think its FM or will they think I'm just being a hypochondriac?

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Some GPs are just not sympathetic to ME/FM type illnesses, so if yours isn't helpful try asking around to find one who will be. Don't let them keep fobbing you off. They don't want to be bothered by osomething they don't know how to help with.

Approach your doctor with confidence, they do respond to that, but don't be defensive. Bring all your evidence because they may just not know what FM is and may pooh-pooh it just to make themselves feel better. It sounds to me just like ME (which I have ) plus extra FM pain. With these health conditions we can get down because it's a depressing thing to live with... We'd be nuts if we didn't, to be frank!

Try getting in touch with Dr MyHill, she's an expert and you can have specialised tests and though it costs, it puts your mind at rest (...."so I'm not going crazy, there is genuinely something physically wrong with me!")

Good luck, hang in there, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Sara 😀

Ps sorry I've just noticed you've already had the appointment by now, hope it went ok....


Thanks. I have a vit d deficiency and possibly fm too. Thats how we left it! I have to take vit d suppliments for 10 weeks and then have more bloods done.


Well that sounds like a bit of progress at least! Best of luck :)


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