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I know me so well when I was told I had fibromyalgia I could not believe what a close family net they all are it surprised me but the sadest thing I came across was there was no medication out there it I discovered that they were using mental health drugs .which I never knew why I still don't. my sadness is that the loss of use in my body losing my speech always stiff having seizures every day for 15 months I still giving my self a chance to stay awake all day I need to live through out the day even when I cant cope.i feel being half alive is better than not being there at all.the question that I ask my self is I am on lithium how can you take pain killers for the rest of your life when this has the biggest effect on liver and kidney damage. my sacrifice is not optional and iam not entirely happy but I am playing exercise for me because of how bad I am not it takes hope and will power which I have loads of.

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Hello Juliet,

It sounds like your symptoms are troubling you and you may wish to consider speaking with your GP. If you are finding your healthcare professional dismissive please try speaking with another GP. Have you been diagnosed with Fibro or ME, if I may ask?

I am sorry you are feeling so upset by it all, chronic illness can have many affects on us and it can take time to accept and learn to live with the condition. You have friends here as we all understand and will try to suggest things to consider which may help you.

You mention mental health medication, if you have Fibro these medications are often used not for depression although they help there too but for pain. People living with Fibro are known to low serotonin and other neurotransmitter so things like Amitriptyline, Fluoxetine, Duloxetine, Venflaxine etc are given to try to help the symptoms.

I do think you should consider speaking to your GP about your symptoms so he/she can assess you maybe do a blood test and also review your medication.

Please let us know how you get on, apologises for the late reply have been through a bad patch myself

Best Wishes

Emma :)


hi there Juliet I agree with the other member on here its so hard to live with the pain when its so bad from day to day u think yr whole life as ended its hard to accept this comdition I should no when I first found out I hd fibro it started in my legs so painful then spread to my arms now in my hands and feet plus its just gone in my hip I cd cry with the pain I dnt sleep much about 2 hrs at the most u hv got to try to get yr head round this duc we cannot go back to where we were before we had this go c yr gp duc try to get some painkillers to suit you then smthing to help you sleep it will help you even if it takes the edge off yr pain its worth a try u want to talk reply bac to me take care glo100


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