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Presenting Fibro Fog

Presenting Fibro Fog

Ok so a big part of living with Fibro and M.E is learning to deal with the brain fog that we get.

I for one know how frustrating it can be when your having a bad day and struggling to process things.

But stressing about things doesn't help and can make the brain fog worse...and do you know what can help laughter! It's true, if you don't believe me check out this link:

So what I want to do is encourage that laughter with a bit of help from all of you!

One of my personal moments, which happens more frequently than I'd like to admit, is wasting beverages by doing things like putting coffee in my juice....rather annoying...

Now, I want to hear yours, give us your funniest fog stories....and go....

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I just said to my son who is tidying a hedge out the front for me, put it in the wardrobe instead of wheelbarrow lol.


Haha at least it would be tidy


I do that a lot. Get words mixed up. I asked my husband to put the milk back in the shower the other day!!!


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