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Why do I still have lower back/bottom pain after over 2 weeks?

Over two weeks ago I was getting dressed when I moved funny putting something on, I was left with such pain I could not move for five minites, then when I did it was so painful in my lower back and down top of legs, me silly as I am went to work could not move very fast lol which we have to do at work, anyway I kept going but decided to go to doc last Wednesday as pain had not gone even though I am a lot of pain meds! She did not think it was anything sinister, pulled musales mybe siataca and gave me anti inflamities, and come back after course if no better, well no better.

Has anyone else done this, and how did it go? X

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Yess I have this all the time, I,m afraid its sitting around and lying on your back that can be the main cause, it is hard to juggle a day of chores, work and rest, I have a TENS machine (very cheap on ebay) and I walk around with it on my low back muscles, it really helps, I also have a hot water bottle down my pant on the muscles to help un stiffen- not too hot otherwise you,ll cause flushes!!


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