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Any ME (or fibro) friendly GPs in Andover?

I really need to find a decent doctor, who is not going to just assume that I'm an idiot who needs to pull herself together and do proper exercise!!

It would be great to find a genuinely supportive and understanding doctor.... One who is able to admit they may not be able to do a lot to help me, but is prepared to support me on my journey, and take time to understand that I am doing my best, And that I am the expert on my own body.... And I don't need someone who just is going to Try to ply me with drugs, As I have very low drug tolerance.

I don't know if anyone knows a doctor like that!… If you have a fibro friendly doctor – do you think they would also be ME friendly?

(I think if anyone does have a name to give me, it will need to be done in a private message…?)

If you can recommend somebody, can you tell me a bit about how they have been helpful to you?

I really hope that there is a possible doctor out there....

Thanks x

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Hello Shardi,

I can certainly private message you and mention a GP who I have always found to be very helpful and understanding of Fibro so I will be happy to help if I can.

I am sorry you may be having trouble with some Health Care professionals , it is such a shame that some still think it is psychosomatic when there has been so much research to the contrary.

The old 'it is in your head' wears a bit thin after a while, doesn't it. I think many experience the same thing at some point and then sometimes you come across someone medical that really understands. If is a breath of fresh air ! When I was in labour I told the anaesthetist and they were brilliant. They understood completely how I would feel after the birth and wrote up all medications needed.

I hope next time you blog about this you'll have a good experience to tell us too

Best Wishes



Thanks Emma – I really appreciate it :)

(... I hope so too… I think I have become a bit GP phobic as I am very nervous About trying someone new!)


My doctor is [ Edited by Admin ] [GP name removed ]at Charlton Hill - shes fab.


Thanks Carrie Ann – sounds good! I'm going to message you to ask a couple of questions if that's okay – if you have the energy to answer.


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