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Rheumatology Appointment

I have been referred to Rheumatology for the second time (I was there two years ago when I was diagnosed with Fibro). I feel that I have more than just Fibro and that there are other underlying causes to all this pain .. So I pushed my doctor and I now have my Rheumatology appointment on Wednesday.

I am glad that I am going back to Rheumatology to get everything looked at again, however I don't know where to start!

Does anyone have any ideas of where to start? I was hoping to take a list of medications and a list of questions & I'm hoping to suggest an MRI as I have not had one yet.

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I know it's a completely different situation but I had a problem pregnancy and I made a list of all the questions I wanted to ask and after writing 3 a4 pages of questions I gave it to my specialist who went through every question one by one. I found she was more receptive than normal due to the questions so yeah try and write everything down from medication, questions to ask and everything you want to say about how your feeling regarding your condition. It's always easier to sit at home and write down what's wrong with you than to say it off the top of your head in the docs room. Write everything down and maybe if your able to take someone with you as 4 ears are better than 2. Xx


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