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PAIN!!!!!! And then some!!!

Spent the first half of today trying to cry the pain out. Had a hundred and one things to do, a lot of it down to the fact I wasn't able to do a lot last week and have got behind in everything. Needed to try and sort out the bills - robbing Peter to pay Paul - but couldn't think or function. I felt as though I were being torn apart from the inside out. Tried laying on my back, belly, sitting up with cushions at various angles, but everything seemed to be putting pressure eon hips, back and other areas of almost pure pain! I quite often find with the pain that standing properly can help. This morning, the pain was so intense and relentless that I couldn't get it together, mentally or physically, to ring the GP and beg for help. Painwise, the worst I can remember. Feel so drained because of the pain and all the crying that went with it. The pain has eased a heck of a lot now, but I ache from my neck to my ankles. My back screams at me whatever position I am in. I have chili cream but am in a bit too much pain to apply it! Praying I can do some real-life tasks tomorrow, or I'll just keep sinking in my own 'to-do' list.

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I am so sorry to read your day of pain :( a flare is so horrid, you just want to crawl up into a ball well softly anyway.

We are all here and all have Fibro, there will be one or more of us that can give you advice and a kind ear.

:) Cowsrock.


Hello AmiAndover,

I am sorry you feel the way you do at the moment and empathsise with you with the pain you're experiencing. I would consider visiting your GP to discuss addressing your symptoms and maybe asking for a Pain Clinic referral, if you haven't done so already.

Here is a link to information about Pain Clinics,

You also sound like you have a lot on your mind involving money worries and things to do. I'm afraid the stress and worry may be impacting on your condition, exacerbating your symptoms. I would consider trying to divide your 'to do list' into 2 things to do per day so you are pacing yourself and prioritise which jobs are urgent due to time limits. You should soon see the list going down.

Living with this illness is something we all do and we all have flares so we completely understand.

If you need to talk you can come on the forum to chat knowing we will be here to listen and we will try to advise you to the best of our ability

Take Care

Emma x


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