Out Of Surgery!!!!!

Well my ablation was done at 12:45, they did find atrial tachycardia, and a flutter so I will have to stay in here for 3 days so they can monitor me on tykosin. I have to be on this for a bit till my heart heals properly but the EP seems to feel he took care of the problem. My experience was great!!! I felt NO pain at all. Thank God!!!! I am going to try to eat something and relax. Take care all

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  • Great News... Praying that the procedure was a big success and that this will lead to never having another episode.


  • Thanks Tim!!!

  • Thats great news, take care God Bless

  • Well done ! Hope all goes to plan for you. Why do they have to keep you in for 3 days ? Are you in the UK or USA ?

  • Good news there. Do take it easy and don't be worried if you get some funnies as it takes about three months for the scar tissue which blocks the rogue impulses to form. Any odd blips are quite normal. and it doesn't mean that the ablation was not a success. Regardless of what they tell you try to do as little as possible for the first couple of weeks and then build up slowly afterwards. Your heart has had a real pounding and need plenty of time to recover.

  • This is great news. BobD has given some great advice. Take it easy for the next couple of months and do keep us posted on how you feel.

    All the best!

  • I had a similar ablation on 4 march and I'm doing really well starting to build on my exercise listening to my body and resting when the body needs it.

    So good luck with your recovery

  • Thanks everyone and yes I plan on resting very much. Yatsura I am in the US. They put me on a medication called tikosyn while my heart repairs and they have to monitor you while u first start meds. That is worse than the procedure haha. But again thanks everyone!!!

  • Really good news. Did they say how long you will be on meds after the procedure? T


  • Thanks nannygoat and terjo I just have to be on them hopefully 3-6 months. Just time to let my heart heal properly. I have been in NSR since the procedure yesterday. Have you have the procedure done???

  • Thats great news and sounds like you are in good hands. Take care and god bless Sueran

  • Did your Dr. tell you why they chose tikosyn? There are others that would have not required the stay in the hospital. I took Rythmol for a year with good results. As with any of the rhythm control meds, they will normally only work for a period of time before they no longer work. It's only for a few months, so it really doesn't matter that much. I just wondered why they chose that drug.

    I am very glad that you are doing so well. I agree with Bob, Plan on taking it easy for a few weeks. I was pretty tired for almost 3 weeks and even then I would get wore out easily.


  • Had my ablation on Feb. 26th and am feeling better every day. I was having a few blips here and there but now they are gone. Hopefully I will never have to deal with a fib again. Congratulations to you on your successful ablation. Wishing you permanent NSR! <3

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